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Munchkin Vibrating Teether Pink

Teething can be a real pain for baby and everyone else in the house. But you can help eliminate some of that discomfort with a teething toy that delivers vibrations to comfort and soothe. A vibrating teether ideal for all stages of teething – because you shouldn\’t make it through this stage of parenting by the skin of your teeth. It\’s the little things.® 

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Product Description

Please note, teether and package do not contain Orajel teething pain medicine.

  • Bite-activated massaging teether ideal for all stages of oral development
  • Uses a soft, wavy pattern to massage sensitive gums
  • Soft, textured silicone is gentle and encourages baby to chew
  • Includes rattle beads and handle so baby can play and teethe simultaneously
  • BPA- and PVC-free

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