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This is the innovative FlexiBath children\’s Bath which is foldable so that it doesn\’t take up space in the bathroom, and an ideal item to take away when travelling with your child

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Product Description

• Flexibath folds easily together and is stored flat against the wall, in a cupboards, under a bed, etc.
• For comfort and safety the bottom of the bath has a non-slip surface
• Flexibath is a safe, clean and environmentally responsible product
• Ideal for 0 - 4 years
• The bath can be filled to 39 liters (about 82 pints)
• The item weighs approximately 1.3KG (about 2.87 pounds) taking up a minimum amount of your luggage allowance if flying
• Product Dimesnions: 66.5cm (26.18 inches) long x 38.9cm (15.31 inches) wide x 23.8cm (9.37 inches) high

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg

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