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Infant and Child Emergency First Aid Guides 2 Pack 2Infant and Child Emergency First Aid Guides 2 Pack 3

Infant and Child Emergency First Aid Guides 2 Pack

The Indicare Infant Emergency First Aid Guide is a compact ,take anywhere, water and scratch resistant booklet giving parents step by step instructions on what to do if your infant started choking or stopped breathing.

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Product Description

To aid parents of babies over and under 1 year old in the event of emergencies A sudden medical emergency involving a child can happen absolutely anywhere - in the street, at home, even when abroad.
The first aid guides are fully illustrated as well as having clear, concise, easy to follow instructions for every step. Once familiar with the guide, it can be used visually to support you in the even of an emergency Instructions and images are clear and concise
Easy to attach to bags, buggies, keys, zips, rucksacks etc. Can be kept close to your baby at all times
Approved by the Senior Resuscitation Officer, of the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation trust

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