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Ιονιστής iBreathe-30 2

Ioniser iBreathe-30

Give your family the gift of fresh air with the inoniser iBreathe-30. Removes odour, dust, fungus and bacteria from the air, providing you with a much fresher air to live in.

Τιμή: 129,00

Product Description

6 Stage air cleaning (Photokatalysis filter with UV lamp, HEPA filter, Active Carbon filter, Carbonfiber filter and 4-head anion generator),
Suitable for people who suffer from allergies. I has smoke detection with sensitivity switch
Automated and manual operation, remote control and 3 fan speed settings
Discreet operation 24-45 dB, Suitable for areas up to 60m², Dimensions: 345x215x610mm
Arometherapy: The ioniser offers a soft and distinct aroma in the room. Especially useful for smokers.

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg

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