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Προστατευτικό μπαλκονιού 55cm - Protex

Balcony raiser 55cm – Protex

The balcony raiser will raise your balcony\’s canopy by 50cm to make it safer for kids

Τιμή: 25,0029,00


Product Description

Balcony raiser 55cm - Protex

Additional plastic protection railing for kids.

After years of study and research from experienced designers and skilled engineers, we have designed the additional plastic railing for balconies, in order to provide better injury prevention for our kids

The additional railings by Protex are made out of  hardened PVC and tough  Polypropylen (PP), as well as anticorrosion metal studs. They have passed all applicable tests and certifications so that  they are perfectly safe for kids, and they stay intact regardless of the weather conditions.

The product is comprised by two parallel railings and vertical tubes 25mm in diameter, spaced at 9cm from eachother.  This space is adequate to restrain kids from squeezing through the railing, but at the same time it provides enough space for adults to operate tents.

Protex Railings are famous for their construction quality as well as the quality of the installation services our company provides. It perfectly aligns with any shape of the balcony, and is available at heights of 40,45,50,and 55cm. 


Our additional railings for kids are especially designed to fit any shape of balcony (round, cornered, variable height etc), without compromising its stability. They can easily be dismantled by our specialised crew, and they can be moved to a different house, should you require relocation.

The price includes isntallation for Athens and Thessaloniki. in case the installation is to take place in another city, a seperate installation quote will be provided.

The price is per meter. For additional length, please adjust buying quantity accordingly.

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