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Be Safe Izi Combi Χ3 Μπεζ (54) 2

Be Safe Izi Combi Χ3 (54)

Check out the award winning child car seat Izi Combi X3 by BeSafe, that can be installed either rearfacing or forward facing for kids that are from 9months up to 4 years old. Izi Combi X3 is the most versatile car seat that is currently sold in Europe

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Product Description

• Rear facing seat for children up to 4 years old.

• Approved for rear facing Group 0+/1, 0 - 18kg

• Approved for forward facing Group 1, 9 - 18kg

• Functions:

1. Head support and shoulder belts can be adjusted to their correct height with 1 operation in 8 positions.

2. SIP – Side impact protection. Protection for both head & neck by EPS in head support and seat shell

3. Easy to place the child in the seat thanks to magnets in the shoulder pads

4. Anti-rotation front brace protects your child from rear impact.

5. Very easy installation in the car with universal ISOfix connectors

6. 5-point safety harness

7. Adjustable in 4 sitting or sleeping positions.

8. Ventilation in the back support.

9. The seatcover is removeable and washable (40° woolwash).Head support shell made of EPS foam, adjustable height with one hand.

• Available in the following colors: Black, Indigo Black, Navy Blue, Beige/Grey, Red/Grey, Purple/Grey, Dark Grey/Grey, Turqoise/Grey, Pink/Grey

Call us for color availability.

Watch this instructional video for rear-facing installation in the car:

Watch this instructional video for forward-facing installation in your car:

iZi Combi X3 is a rear facing seat for children up to 4 years old.

Facing backwards is 5 times safer.

Facing backwards is 5 times safer because small children are not miniature versions of adults. Their heads are disproportionately heavy, their backs and neck vertebra are under-developed and their reflexes and ability to react are poor. When facing backwards the shell of the seat acts as a protective shield.

Easy, stable installation of the child car seat.

BeSafe iZi Combi ISOfix can easily be “clicked” onto the ISOfix in your car and the front brace ensures very stable installation.

Maximum level of safety

The Besafe iZi Combi has been designed with a solid outer shell and a softer material inside the child car seat to provide your child with the maximum level of child car safety. The iZi Combi is easy to install.

iZi Combi X3 complies with the EU directive ECE R44 04.

Watch why your child should sit rear-facing in the car:

Additional Information

Weight 23 kg

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