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Audio Monitor and momvenet sensor

The AngelCare Movement Monitor has an under the mattress sensor pad which detects even the slightest breathing movement.

Τιμή: 149,00

Product Description

Parent\'s Unit
• 8 Channels to minimise interference
• Digital
colour LCD display on the parent\'s unit
• Voice activated sensitive light
display on parent\'s unit
• 2 Sensor Pads detects even the slightest of baby\'s
breathing movement
• Alarm sounds after 20 seconds on the parent unit if no
movement is detected
• Choice of voice activated or continuous tranmission

• Baby\'s room temperature digital display on the parent\'s unit
• 4AAA
rechargeable batteries included with the parents unit
• Automatically
reverts to batteries in case of power failure
• Out of range indicator

Adaptors included
• Fully portable

Baby\'s Unit
• Adjustable
sensitivity of the movement sensor pads
• Sensor Pad detects even the
slightest of baby\'s breathing movement
• The nursery unit is AC powered, and
can also use 4AAA standard batteries (not included)
• 250m range (range is
dependent on obstacles)
• Soothing night light

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

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