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AC1100 1 PAD (όλη η συσκευή) 2AC1100 2 PADS (όλη η συσκευή)AC1100 (Δέκτης & Βάση Φόρτισης)AC1100 (οθόνη αφής Δέκτη)AC1100 Photo


The AngelCare Movement Video Monitor has 2 under the matress sensor pads which sounds an alarm if no movement is detected for 20 seconds

Τιμή: 250,00

Product Description

Parent\'s Unit
•Alarm is activated if no movement is detected for 20
•Battery powered
•Can be used in combination with a sound
monitor you already have
•Can be combined with the AngelCare movement and
sound monitor if you have twins or two babies sleeping in the same room
AA batteries required (Not included)
•On/Off switch for the "tic" sound

•Low battery alert button

Baby\'s Unit
•Sensor Pad detects even
the slightest of baby’s breathing movements
•Adjustable sensor pad

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg

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