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Magnetic Drawer and Cupboard Key 2Magnetic Drawer and Cupboard Key 3

Magnetic Drawer and Cupboard Key

The BabyDan Adhesive Magnetic Drawer Lock helps to ensure that your child cannot open your drawers. This item is for one key only.

Τιμή: 3,99

Product Description

•This listing is for one key only
•Can be used on cupboard and drawers with a thickness of up to 25mm
•There is also the option of attaching a holder to the front of the drawer or cupboard to show the position of the lock
•The magnetic lock can also be switched off so left in the open position
•This item can only be used with Baby Dan Magnetic Locks
•When item is added to basket, baby Dan Magnetic Locks can be added through product accessories

Additional Information

Weight 0.1 kg

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