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Felix Wooden PlayPen Whitewash

The BabyDan Felix Wooden PlayPen is a stylish addition to either the nursery or living room; the felix is an ideal way for parents to keep an eye on their baby

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Product Description

•Standing on short legs and with smooth slats all the way around
•You can keep an eye on baby and they can keep an eye on the world around them
•This playpen has a two position adjustable base
•Allows the level to be lowered as your baby grows
•Can be raised if you have a small baby so you don\'t have to reach right down into the playpen
•The base area of the play pen is one metred squared
•Manufacturered and finished to an exceptionally high standard
•Play Mat is Not Included with play pen
•All Play mats from Baby Dan are designed to fit the one metre squared base
•Play mat in image is not included. However play mats can be bought seperately as a product accessory. You will be offered the play mat when you add the play pen to the basket.
•Made from Beechwood

Additional Information

Weight 20 kg

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